Todd is an adventurer, award-winning documentary-maker, television presenter and businessman. The Financial Review and News Limited ranked him as one of the most influential executives in Australia. He is the former national CEO of Leo Burnett and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Qantas. He is also the co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative, one of the largest environmental movements in history reaching over 1 billion people in 5500 cities worldwide.

Todd started his television career on the critically acclaimed ABC series Gruen Transfer which is still one of the most popular shows on television today. He is now the writer, producer and host of a number of international documentaries including Discovery Channel's Redesign My Brain which won Documentary of the Year, Bodyhack which has been nominated for Best Factual Series and Most Outstanding Documentary of the Year and more recently Life on the Line. One reviewer colourfully captured Todd's unique approach, “If Bear Grylls, Louis Theroux and Brian Cox had a love child together, it would be Todd Sampson.”

Todd has also climbed to the summit of Mount Everest.


Bernard Salt AM is the man leading property investors, businesses and governments turn to when they need to understand the future. He is well known for his keen insight in identifying emerging trends and important issues.

A former partner with KPMG and now founder of The Demographics Group, Bernard speaks on the implications of social and cultural change. He will provide an overview of the new businesses, work practices and consumer behaviours created by coronavirus.

Bernard is a twice-weekly columnist with The Australian newspaper and the author of six best-selling books.

An entertaining, energetic and compelling speaker, Bernard has been successfully advising and engaging high-end business for two decades. The Age has described his style as 'part stand-up comedian, part number-crunching economist'.


Rev Tim Costello is one of Australia's best known and well-respected community leaders and a sought-after voice on social justice issues, leadership and ethics. He has a developed a reputation as a spokesperson for those with no voice including the homeless, the poor and the drug and alcohol addicted.

For 13 years until 2016, Tim was Chief Executive of World Vision Australia. Tim now directs Ethical Voice and is also Executive Director of Micah Australia.

Tim is a passionate speaker on ethical leadership, corporate social responsibility, climate change, sustainability, global citizenship and governance. In 1997 he was named as one of Australia's 100 National Living Treasures.


Steve is a leading Australian entrepreneur and innovator, with an intimate knowledge of the tools reshaping out world and how they affect business. Steve reveals how to use these tools to ignite the future, reinvent yourself and transform where and how you get work done to create a culture of change. He has a deep understanding of disruptive technology and the wider community.

Steve understands that the future of work has changed forever. The Covid crisis has accelerated work from anywhere. We now get to redefine where, how and why we work. The future is hybrid, where we'll continue to collaborate in redesigned work spaces and offsite. This will affect the built environment and the configuration of workplaces and cities.

Steve illustrates how organisations can use the disruption of Covid and rapidly changing and emerging technologies for a business-winning strategy. With all of the major factors of production being disrupted forever, Steve answers what companies, staff and customers need to do to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

In 2020 Steve created the TV Show The Rebound (Nine Network), a six-part series all about helping Australian businesses bounce back.