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Established in 1961, the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) is a nationwide industry body that represents businesses operating in the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Our members specialise in the design, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems that provide safe, healthy and productive spaces for people to live, work and play.

As a federated body encompassing all Australian States and Territories,  the AMCA has a strong voice on issues of national significance, whilst each state office provides representation and services that are tailored to members' state regulatory context.

About Us


To contribute to the success of our members by helping them to provide safe, healthy and productive spaces for people to live, work and play.


A safe, prosperous and environmentally sustainable industry that is recognised for its important contribution to the Australian community and economy.


To represent, promote and safeguard the interests of our members by providing quality services, promoting excellence and influencing the commercial and regulatory environment through leadership, advocacy, training and representation.


AMCA activities are guided by our values:

  • Professionalism in everything we do
  • An active, inclusive and welcoming community for all members
  • Responsive to the needs and challenges of our members
  • Opportunities for people to grow
  • Genuine partnerships with our broader industry community.