The AMCA Employer Toolkit is designed specifically for business owners and managers to help them navigate every stage of the employment lifecycle: from recruitment and employment contracts to performance management and termination.

Employer Toolkit

The information and resources contained in the AMCA Employer Toolkit are based on key principles necessary for employers to develop effective strategies for the attraction, recruitment and retention of people. 

The kit contains a range of policies, procedures, processes and templates covering every stage of the employment lifecycle, are easy to use and ready to implement within your business. 


  1. Recruitment
  2. Apprentice Recruitment
  3. Employment Agreements
  4. New Employee Pack
  5. Job Descriptions Policies
  6. Induction
  7. Apprentice
  8. Three Monthly Appraisals
  9. Probation
  10. Training Evaluation Form
  11. Performance Management
  12. Employee Exit
The Employer Toolkit is available to Managing Directors and other authorised personnel of AMCA member companies. If you think you should have access or require additional information, please contact