The Workplace Relations Seminar Series is delivered by the AMCA’s trusted workplace relations advisory firm, Law Squared. 

Workplace relations specialist Catherine Brooks represents employers across diverse industries, including the not-for-profit sector, manufacturing, construction, mining, transport and information technology.

Catherine takes an educative approach to her practice, focusing on training, early intervention and problem-solving.

Find out more about Catherine here.

Workplace Relations Webinar Series

Delivered by the AMCA's trusted workplace relations advisory firm, Law Squared, each one-hour webinar covers a new topic to ensure that AMCA members have the information they need to comply with employment and workplace relations law.

Topics covered include:

  1. Contracts of employment and letters of offer
  2. Employment law for managers, supervisors and team leaders
  3. Managing poor performance
  4. Recruitment and retention
  5. Terminating employees and unfair dismissal
  6. Redundancy and restructure
  7. Confidentiality and restraint of trade
  8. Long service leave and entitlements
  9. Managing alcohol and other drugs
  10. Managing ill and injured workers and return to work strategies
  11. Privacy and social media
  12. Discrimination and bullying
The Workplace Relations Webinar Series is available to Managing Directors and other authorised personnel of AMCA member companies. If you think you should have access or require additional information, please contact