AMCA announce partnership with APE Mobile

Published: 08 June 2018

We are excited and proud to announce that APE Mobile and the AMCA have launched an official partnership to offer intelligent site management and pre-configured AMCA documentation to you and your teams.

What is APE Mobile?

APE Mobile is a site intelligence platform - companies rely on APE’s  mobile and web application to capture and manage site-related data in real time. This enables everyone in the field and in the office to know what’s going on, make better decisions and get more done. Capturing everything that happens on site can dramatically improve your project outcomes. You can reduce delays and costly rework. And increase compliance. More information at your fingertips means better decisions.

For more information, please visit 

Why did we do this?

The AMCA strives to provide top value to its members, and recognises that technology is rapidly changing the game and improving the bottom line for HVAC companies. APE Mobile was rigorously reviewed for capability and industry fit, and we secured the partnership together in light of our success.

APE Mobile can now offer AMCA members free trials and consultations to get up and running. AMCA member trials come pre-configured with the AMCA Site Diary and other optional AMCA forms - no set up required.

What does it mean for you?

  • Save tons of time wasted on paper in the field and in the office. 
  • Know your daily totals for costs and progress, invoice for project progress immediately, improve cashflow.
  • Evidence everything, every time.
  • Evidence all your testing and completed work, don't be left in the lurch because of lost paperwork.
  • Process your payroll in minutes.
  • No more mundane job packs, carting drawings around, scanning paper and emailing photos. 
  • Automatically send your clients beautiful update reports, win trust, win more business. 
  • Get all your forms into one easy to use, site-ready system. 

How can I assess the benefits for my business? 

Visit and Get Started Free. Let the staff at APE Mobile know directly that you'd like access to the AMCA Site Diary and documents by emailing or calling on (08) 6558 1605. They aim to prove the benefits of the system with 14-days, free. 

You must contact APE Mobile directly to qualify for the AMCA package. 

* AMCA has an arrangement with APE Mobile under which AMCA will receive a financial incentive from APE Mobile for members who enter into a subscription for APE Mobile services via AMCA’s recommendation or connection.  The payments (typically calculated as a proportion of the monthly subscription fees paid) form part of the income to  AMCA which it uses in providing services to and for the benefit of members.