Victorian Plumbing Regulations Review - Regulatory Impact Statement Released

Published: 06 July 2018

Consultation on the Plumbing Regulations Regulatory Impact Statement and draft Regulations is now open. The proposed Regulations provide detailed requirements in relation to plumbing work, plumbing practitioners, and the administration of plumbing work. The aim of the proposed Regulations is to ensure that plumbing work in Victoria is carried out safely and competently.

The Draft regulations can be accessed at the Victorian Government website.

The AMCA will ensure our members views are formally presented during this process. The regulations are critical to our industry.

The proposed Regulations seek to:

  • Define scopes of appropriate classes of plumbing work.
  • Set qualification and experience eligibility requirements for registration and licensing.
  • Set fees, including application fees for registration and licensing and the price of compliance certificates.
  • Adopt the Plumbing Code of Australia into Victorian regulations.
  • Set additional work standards and requirements for specified classes of plumbing work.

Following an early public consultation process in March 2017, as well as targeted industry engagement and consultation with the Plumbing Advisory Council and its subcommittees, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (the department) has prepared draft Plumbing Regulations and a Regulatory Impact Statement for public consultation.

  • Setting additional experience requirements for practitioners to be registered for a period prior to being eligible for licensing to reduce the rate of defective work.
  • Reclassifying existing specialised classes of plumbing work as main classes of plumbing work to better reflect training pathways, such as the refrigerated air-conditioning and type B gasfitting classes of work.
  • Establishing two new classes of plumbing work, including a new specialised class of plumbing work for the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves and a new class for the installation of basic refrigerated air-conditioning equipment (e.g. split systems).
  • Several new plumbing standards and requirements, including a new requirement for the replacement of hot water heaters.

Consultation will close at 5:00pm 27 July 2018.

Submissions can be made by uploading a submission or completing an online form via this link.