Victoria moves ahead with framework for Digital Asset Strategy

Published: 5 February 2019

With around $78.9 billion worth of state capital projects to be commenced, developed or delivered in the coming year, the Victorian Government this week formally released a strategic framework to underpin their previously announced Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS).

The Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) aims to improve the way infrastructure projects are defined, delivered and maintained, and will be rolled out across all relevant government agencies from February 2019. 

It includes elements of Digital Engineering (DE) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), and aims to coordinate critical elements of the planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of Victoria’s state infrastructure. 

AMCA Victoria Executive Director, Sumit Oberoi, called the announcement “a very important step in Victoria's journey to adopt Digital Engineering and Building Information Modelling.” 

“As the cornerstone document for a more consistent approach to the digitally-enabled delivery of Victorian projects and assets, it sets a benchmark for the entire industry in terms of data and information requirements.”

“It’s something the AMCA has been advocating for a long time”. 

Victorian Chief Engineer, Dr Collette Burke and the Office of Projects Victoria, will drive the implementation of the strategy. 

In coming months, industry can expect more detailed guidance material to be released, including technical guides, templates and competency frameworks. 

Visit the Office of Projects Victoria website for more information.