Technical Update

Published: 07 March 2019

BIM-MEP AUS is excited to release a new suite of centrifugal pump standards, including a revised specification, industry product data template and associated Revit families' all with enhanced multi-discipline functionality.

Aligned to Australian Standards, the centrifugal pump datasets provide increased flexibility from design to operation, and will serve as the benchmark for future BIM-MEPAUS specifications and families.

The specification and industry product data template have both been updated to meet the requirements for design and life cycle management, with the later being based on industry maintenance contracts.

BIM-MEP AUS Executive Manager, Shannon Thomas, said the new suite of standards is 'a result of our concentrated strategy aimed at meeting the needs of analytics-based life cycle asset management'.

"We've also applied a new multi-services classification and product tagging approach, which allows for easier sorting and comprehension of product table structures and codes, and has been designed with the needs of all key stakeholders in mind" including designers, constructors, maintainers and owners.

The formatted tables will be posted to the BIM-MEPAUS website later in March.

Expanding on existing range of pumps and arrangements, each of the updated family catalogues now offer 38 different size types with a total of 114 centrifugal pump types across the three families.

An additional range of electric motor sizes associated with each impeller diameter is available, with electric motor settings being based on the latest international practice and Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

Additional standardised parameter and connector settings (hydraulic and power) have been established to aide system calculations and analysis, and to work with PowerCad's external electrical system calculation software.