High rise building under construction

NSW proposes new class of 'building designers' among other reforms

Published: 16 July 2019

In response to increasing concerns about the quality and safety of buildings, the NSW Government has issued a Discussion Paper inviting Industry to comment on a range of measures aimed at improving the compliance of building work.

The discussion paper takes the first steps in implementing the NSW Government Response to the national report Building Confidence: effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia.

The NSW Government Response outlines four key streams of reform work, which will collectively deliver a more robust regulatory framework for the construction of buildings in the state.

Reforms include:

  • Introducing a new registration scheme for ‘building designers’;
  • Building designers will need to declare plans and performance solutions are compliant with the Building Code of Australia,
  • Builders will need to declare that the construction of buildings is consistent with the design;
  • Requiring an industry-wide duty of care to subsequent homeowners; and
  • Appointing a Building Commissioner to act as the consolidated regulator for building in NSW.

The AMCA is currently preparing a submission in response to the consultation, which closes on July 24.

Download the discussion paper here.