Seating for Government inquiry

AMCA appears at ACT inquiry into building quality

Published: 8 August 2019

On 7 August 2019, President, Scott Polsen, and Executive Director, James Cameron, from AMCA ACT gave evidence at a hearing of the Inquiry into Building Quality in the ACT.  

AMCA ACT used the opportunity to state the need for mechanical services to be a licensed trade in the ACT, saying that a more rigorous training regime is required for new workers in the industry.  

Executive Director, James Cameron, said that the inquiry was 'an excellent opportunity to alert policymakers about the critical role of mechanical services within the building sector and to impress upon them the public safety implications of a lack of licensing and rigorous training. 

Following the inquiry, Mr Polson and Mr Cameron again met with Ben Green, Executive Branch Manager for Construction and Utilities Regulation in the ACT, where they discussed the importance of training and professionalism in the design, construction and maintenance of HVAC and fire mitigation systems.  

Mr Green stated that reliable and accurate data on regulating the HVAC industry in the ACT is needed. He also noted that strata management reforms are currently under development. 

AMCA ACT will continue to engage closely with the ACT Government as they continue their inquiry into builinding quality and possible industry reforms.