Digitally connected buildings and smart cities

Building 4.0: Industry bids for funding to revolutionise construction

Published: 20 August 2019

A consortium that includes LendLease, Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Donovan Group has submitted a $28 million funding bid to revolutionise the construction process in Australia.

Unlike comparable sectors, the building and construction industry has struggled to modernise, resulting in rising costs and stagnating productivity.

With the building industry contributing 13% of GDP and employing over 1.4 million Australians, improving construction practices can also deliver significant improvements for the broader community.

By leveraging technology to facilitate deep collaboration, the Building 4.0 proposal aims to move the Australian industry away from pre-industrial practices to a more efficient, connected and customer-centric approach. 

The project has identified some ambitious goals, which include:

  • Cost—37.5% reduction in project costs through digital technology & off-site manufacturing
  • Energy—40% reduction in life cycle costs through high-performing, efficient buildings
  • Time—40% reduction in project delays through integrated, live scheduling
  • Sustainability—50% reduction in CO2 emissions for more sustainable buildings
  • Waste—80% reduction in construction waste & re-work for higher productivity
  • Exports—Up to 25% increase in the export of building products & construction services
  • Best practice—Improved quality, customer satisfaction, safety & certainty
  • Regulation—Improved policy & regulatory frameworks
  • Communication—Connect industry with common protocols & interfaces, and shared data
  • Culture—Create an open, collaborative, innovative, inclusive & gender diverse industry
  • Education—Train 36 PhDs & 1000 Masters Students
  • Jobs and training—Create new high-skill jobs—training 7000 apprentices in new technologies

The bid comprises 28 leading players in the commercial industry, university, industry bodies and government partners, including:

Lendlease, Monash University, University of Melbourne, BlueScope Steel, CSR, Utecture Australia, Bentley Homes, Coresteel Australia, A.G Coombs, Ultimate Aluminium Windows, Queensland University of Technology, Holmesglen Institute, Hyne Timber, Shapeshift Design Technologies, M-Modular, Schiavello Manufacturing, Gelion Technologies, YNOMIA, Fleetwood, Master Builders Association of Victoria, PrefabAUS, Salesforce, Sumitomo Forestry Australia, Green Building Council of Australia, Standards Australia, Taronga Venture Advisory, Victorian Building Authority and the Victorian Government Department of Job, Precincts and Regions.