Queensland fire protection licensing reforms

Published: 25 March 2021

AMCA Queensland has written to the Department of Energy and Public Works (DEPW) and the QBCC Commissioner to raise  concerns  about the inclusion of work related to  fire and smoke control under the new QBCC Passive Fire Licence (test, inspect & certify). 

Aimed at streamlining and modernising the fire protection licensing framework and approved by the Governor in Council last September, the proposed Amendment Regulation will see QBCC licences offered in the following streams of fire protection work:

  • Passive 
  • Special hazard fire systems
  • Water-based fire systems
  • Portables
  • Electrical

Responding to the proposed changes, AMCA Queensland stressed the fact that the testing, certifying, service and maintenance of fire dampers used within fire and smoke control systems should only be done by persons with mechanical services training and knowledge.  

Given the critical role these systems play in safety of building occupants and the protection of building assets, work on these systems requires a level of skill, knowledge and experience that is beyond the persons being proposed under the new QBCC licensing for Passive Fire. 

AMCA Queensland has since held several meetings with the Department, who have been receptive to the concerns raised. We will continue to engage with government to ensure the best possible outcome for our members, the industry, and the broader community.