Vale Warwick Stannus

27 April 2022 | NAT

With the greatest of sadness and the fondest of memories, AMCA Australia advises of the passing of Warwick Stannus. 

After a long and courageous battle with ill health, Warwick passed away peacefully at home without regret and surrounded by his wife, three children, and loved ones.

As Group Engineering Manager of A.G. Coombs, Warwick has left a significant mark on some of Australia’s highest-profile building projects. But his warmth, generosity, and quirky sense of humour will be remembered most by those who knew him well.

Chief Executive of AMCA Australia, Scott Williams, gave voice to all those who knew Warwick, saying that “his loss to the industry, while immense, pales in significance when compared to the sadness at losing such a loved member of the AMCA community”. 

“Warwick was a real industry person,” said Mr Williams. “Someone who embodied what it means to give back to the industry he loved”. 

“Whether it was providing advice for AMCA submissions, sitting on committees, presenting at conferences, or sharing a laugh with industry colleagues, Warwick’s generosity and authenticity permeated everything he did”.

Of the many contributions Warwick made over the years, it was his instrumental role within the BIM-MEPAUS initiative that best illustrated his unique and understated ability to be a force for positive change. 

As an engineer, he was typically pragmatic, evidenced by his belief in the importance of technical standards and a commitment to improving design and construction workflows. 

But behind such pragmatism lay a deep thoughtfulness and vision for the future that, at its heart, was simply about people working better together. 

In 2009, Warwick presented a discussion paper to the AMCA highlighting the need for a collective response to the challenges facing HVAC contractors from the digitisation of the design and construction process. 

With support from the board, the BIM-MEPAUS initiative was established to improve industry collaboration through standards development, putting AMCA members at the forefront of digital adoption in Australia.

As technical director, Warwick worked tirelessly to develop these standards, which he did by consulting widely and openly, building consensus and welcoming ideas from across the building supply chain. 

Recognising the need to build the collective capacity of the industry through information sharing, he was also a driving force behind the Construction Innovation Forum, where he presented every year since its inception in 2010. 

In an industry that is frequently characterised by its competitive and confrontational nature, Warwick has helped hundreds of companies and countless practitioners to adapt to the changing nature of design and construction in the digital era. And it is a legacy that will continue to grow for years to come.

Conveying the news on behalf of Warwick’s family was A.G. Coombs’ Managing Director, Russell Telford (also Chair of the BIM-MEPAUS board and director of AMCA Australia).

“Warwick was extremely accomplished and respected by the industry, always maintaining an amazing enthusiasm for learning and knowledge sharing. He was also the most selfless and courageous person you will ever meet,” said Mr Telford.

“The celebration of his life is the next priority.” 

Vale Warwick Stannus.